Minor eBusiness NEU (Analytics in eServices and Operations)

When planning and realizing services and operations, significant amounts of data are created. These data usually contain details about customer and service characteristics including customer demand, service times, service quality, etc.

With this updated minor eBusiness, we want to provide business students an overview on recent methods of business analytics in the context of eServices and operations. This includes the statistical background of big data analysis. Furthermore, application-oriented classes provide insights into how these methods can be applied to improve planning and operations of (electronic) services.

Note that a fundamental understanding of the mathematical and statistical background is needed to perform well in this minor. All classes will be taught in English.

Please watch the following overview video (PDF download here).

Overview of Classes

Fundamentals (12 ECTS)

* For Business Analytics students: VU Visualisation & Visual Data Analytics (6 ECTS)
** Not for Business Analytics students
** Cannot be chosen together with KU Transportation Analytics

Seminar (4 ECTS)

Applied and Special Topics (4 ECTS)

Choose from the current offer as shown in u:find

* Cannot be chosen together with KU Transportation Analytics and Optimization Tools

Our Research: Operations Management and Analytics

This minor is coordinated by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jan Fabian Ehmke and Assoz.-Prof. Wenjie Tang, PhD.

  • Prof. Ehmke's research is on analyzing large amounts of data for optimizing services in mobility, logistics, and transportation. More details on his research can be found here. 
    If you are interested in writing a Master's thesis with Prof. Ehmke, see the detailed process and topic suggestions here.

  • Prof. Tang's research is on operations management and judgment and decision making. She mainly uses analytical models and laboratory experiments to approach her research questions. Details on her research can be found here. 
    If you are interested in writing a Master's thesis with Prof. Tang, please contact her via email. Please include a transcript of records and a motivation for the topic at hand.

For organizational questions, please contact Carina Boier.

Recognition of Classes for Students of former Minor E-Business

The following overview is a preliminary version of equivalent courses of Master Betriebswirtschaft (V2016, "Wahlmodul Electronic Business") and new classes offered as replacement from 01-10-2022. Note that this can still be subject to changes!

In case you have already finished some, but not all mandatory classes of the eBusiness minor, please contact the SSC for your options to complete them. The basic rule is that missing classes should be amended by the new mandatory classes "KU Advanced Business Analytics (6 ECTS)" or "KU Statistical Learning and Analytics (6 ECTS)". If this is not possible, you can choose from "SE Advances in E-Services (4 ECTS)" and "Special/Applied Topics in eServices".

Class according to Master program Betriebswirtschaft (V2016)Replacement classes
KU Einführung ins Electronic Business (4 ECTS, pi)
UE Case Studies of E-Business and e-Logistics (4, ECTS, pi)
SE Neuere Entwicklungen im e-Business und e-Logistics (4 ECTS)
KU Advanced Business Analytics (6 ECTS)*
KU Statistical Learning and Analytics (6 ECTS)
Electives from curriculum:
UE Applications of E-Business and E-Logistics (4 ECTS)
UE Collaboration and E-Business (4 ECTS)
KU e-Services (4 ECTS)
KU Service Science (4 ECTS)
SE Advances in e-Services (4 ECTS)
KU Special Topics in e-Services (4 ECTS)
KU Applied Topics in e-Services (4 ECTS)

* For students of Business Analytics, the replacement class is  VU Visualisation & Visual Data Analytics (6 ECTS).