Areas Business Analytics, Logistics, Production, Transportation, and Supply Chain Management

How to Find a Master Thesis


Our topics

We supervise quantitative Master theses in the areas business analytics, logistics, production, transportation and supply chain management. Quantitative means that your thesis will involve the development of a mathematical model, algorithm, and/or the analysis of real-world data. Literature overviews are usually only rarely offered.

Some examples for recently supervised topics are:

  • Inventory routing problem with stochastic demand (Prof. Dörner)
  • A solution technique for the truck and drone parcel delivery problem (Prof. Dörner)

  • Customer experience in multimodal travel itineraries: an exploratory data analysis (Prof. Ehmke)
  • Truck and drone delivery in the field of e-fulfillment (Prof. Ehmke)

  • Risk classification of suppliers in the field of automotive (Prof. Hartl)
  • Solving a real life capacitated cold house location problem (Prof. Hartl)


What we expect

For our topics, a Major/Minor in Smart Production and/or Supply Chain Management is required. For some topics, a major/minor in eBusiness and Wirtschaftsinformatik is also sufficient. However, without fundamental interest and skills in quantitative techniques (mathematical modelling, programming, analysis of large amounts of data, etc.), chances to find an appropriate topic are very low.


How to find a topic

There are two variants:

  • You choose a topic are from our list. This may or may not be in cooperation with one of our industry partners. You should also mention why you are motivated for this problem in particular. These topic suggestions are usually connected with our research.
  • You suggest a topic. If you pick this option, please submit an exposé on the proposed topic. This should contain a description of the problem you would like to tackle and why this is important as well as how you would approach this topic (e.g. by designing an algorithm, analyzing large amounts of data, etc.). You should also mention why you are motivated for this problem in particular.

Whether you choose option 1 or 2, it is important that you introduce yourself to us and why you are qualified and motivated for the particular topic. This can be demonstrated through the lectures and seminars you have chosen in you Master's program. It is a significant advantage if you have also written your seminar thesis in a topic that is related to your Master thesis.

» Please apply for a topic here.


Further information

Consider the General Master Thesis Guidelines provided by the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics as well as our general recommendations on scientific writing.

Please understand that we reserve the right to reject applications, which can happen if topic suggestions are out of our scientific scope or if we feel that you do not provide the appropriate qualification for a topic

Conversatorium for Master Candidates

Writing your master thesis requires regular participation and presentation within our Conversatorium for Master Candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a collection of recurring questions about the process of writing a master thesis with Prof. Dörner, Ehmke, and Hartl. Most (especially organizational) answers can be found online – others are very specific to the teams and topics.



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