Master NEW IBW + BW 2016

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Minor/Major "Organisation & Personnel"

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VK Analytical Methods in HR & Organization (4 ECTS) KU Contracts, coordination, and incentives (MA)
VK Data Analysis in Organization and Personnel (4 ECTS) KU Data Analysis on Organisation and Personnel (MA)
FK Organizational Theory (4 ECTS) KU Organization Theory I (MA)
FK Personnel Economics (4 ECTS) KU Personnel  Economics I (MA)
VK Applied Organizational Theory - Case Studies (4 ECTS) KU Organization Theory II (MA)
SE Seminar in Organization (4 ECTS) SE Seminar Organization and Personnel (MA)
FK Advanced Personnel Economics (4 ECTS) KU Personnel Economics II (MA)
SE Advanced Personnel Economics (4 ECTS)
FK International Negotiations (4 ECTS)
VK Organizational Behavior (4 ECTS)
VK Prozessmanagement (4 ECTS)
FK Anreizsysteme (4 ECTS) (KFK Controlling) KU Anreizsysteme (MA)
VK Corporate Governance I (4 ECTS)(KFK Industrial Management) UE Praxis des Controlling B (MA)
VK Controlling im SAP (KFK Industrial Management) UE Praxis des Controlling A (MA)
Global Corporate Strategy (4 ECTS) KU Global Strategy (MA)
Komplett neu KU  Theory of International Firms (MA)
VK Corporate Governance I (4 ECTS) KFK Industrial Management UE Praxis des Controlling B (MA)
EK Module Organisations- und Betriebssoziologie KU Organisationssoziologie (MA)
VK Department of Economic Sociology KU Industrie- und Betriebssoziologie (MA)
Antwort ausständig Prof. Kunst - Information folgt UK Game Theory and Industrial Organization (MA)
Antwort ausständig Prof. Kunst - Information folgt UK Arbeitsmarkt (BA)

International Management

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Modul Internationale Unternehmensführung KU Global Strategy
VO Theory of the International Firm
Modul International Market Entry KU International Market Entry
KU Global Strategy
Modul International Negotiations SE International Negotiations (for Master Students)
FK KFK ORGA: International Negotiations
Modul International Strategy and Organization Not offered. If partially completed please write an email to