Master's Thesis

DEADLINES and Master thesis seminar

1. Proposal:When you register for the master thesis seminar, you have to submit a signed proposal at the first meeting of the master thesis conversatorium.

2. All candidates under my supervision have to attend my master thesis seminar in WS or SS.

3. Deadline for the master thesis:
I want to inform all master thesis candidates that all accepted topics have to be completed within 18 months after registration!

Rules for Scientific Writing
When you are in the process of submitting the final version of the master thesis, I want to remind you of submitting a final version that consistently applies the formal rules of writing a research paper.  Here are two references for preparing the thesis:

  • Karmasin, M., R. Rainer, Die Gestaltung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten, , 2015, UTB Facultas
  • Skern, T., Writing Scientific English, 2015, UTB Facultas

Defense of Master Thesis


Presentation of the results of the master thesis (15-20 minutes, presentation slides recommended) - with 3-4 questions (15 minutes); the questions refer to the thesis and the "Theory of International Firm".

Examination in the Specialization "International Management"

(A) For the Defense, the presentation of the thesis should not take longer than 20 minutes and the examination will consist of 5 questions.

2-3 questions to the master thesis and 2 questions regarding "Theory of International Firm" (course material and book:

Mats Forsgren, 2018, Theories of the Multinational Firm: A Multidimensional Creature in the Global Economy., Edward Elgar Publishing)

(B) IM can only be chosen as MINOR, if you have attended the courses THEORY of INTERNATIONAL FIRM  and INTERNATIONAL MARKET ENTRY  or GLOBAL STRATEGY.

This examination part will consist of 4 questions and take about 20-30 minutes.

Examination Literature

For the minor, you have to learn (A); in addition, (B) or (C). Please inform me in advance which topic and book you will choose.

(A) Mandatory

Course: Theory of the International Firm


  • Mats Forsgren, 2018, Theories of the Multinational Firm: A Multidimensional Creature in the Global Economy., Edward Elgar Publishing
(B) or (C) For the MINOR choose ONE of the following two options
(B) Course: International Market Entry(C) Course: Global Strategy
  • Welch, L. S., Benito, G. R., & Petersen, B., 2018, Foreign operation methods: Theory, analysis, strategy, Edward Elgar Publishing
  • Alain Verbeke, Ian Lee, 2021, International Business Strategy, Cambridge University Press
  • M. W. Peng (2022), Global Strategic Management, South-Western, Cengage Learning, Chapter 2,3,4, 6,7,9, 10, 12.