This page displays all the courses offered by our institute this semester. Please use only as orientation in regards to the administrative support for the courses. All other information regarding the courses is to be found on u:find, u:space, Moodle and the faculty webpage.

 Bachelor courses

Course Title Lecturer Contact
040686   STEOP: Grundzüge der ABWL,VO   Dörner, Karl Franz |Schaffhauser-Linzatti, Michaela
040058   ABWL Unternehmensführung I,VO   Vetschera, Rudolf                             
040136   ABWL Produktion und Logistik I,VO   Hartl, Richard                                     
040026/1   ABWL Unternehmensführung II ,UE   Pruschak, Gernot                        
040026/2 ABWL Unternehmensführung II,UE   Nicola Naranjo, Daniel Alejandro   
040026/3 ABWL Unternehmensführung II ,UE   Seferagic, Haris                           
040137 /1  ABWL Produktion und Logistik II,UK   Salzmann, Philipp                             
040137 /2 ABWL Produktion und Logistik II,UK   Fröhlich, Georg Erwin Adrian                   
040137 /3 ABWL Produktion und Logistik II,UK   Benda, Frank                                      
040137 /4 ABWL Produktion und Logistik II,UK   Benda, Frank                                  
040137 /5 ABWL Produktion und Logistik II ,UK   Grabenschweiger, Jasmin                           
040331   Organisationsstrukturen und Prozesse,UK   Engin, Aysegül                             
040608   Personalmanagement,UK   Zhang, Yingchao                           
040009   IM: International Negotiations (BA),FK   Hippmann, Patrick
040156 /1 Organization of the International Firm,UK   Yaqub, Muhammad Zafar                  
040156 /2 Organization of the International Firm,UK   Hajdini, Ilir                           
040145   Special Topics in Produktion/Logistik/SCM: Transportlogistik,UK   Hartl, Richard                                     
040146   Special Topics in Produktion/Logistik/SCM: Supply Chain Management,UK   Dörner, Karl Franz                             
040147   Special Topics in Produktion/Logistik/SCM: Softwaretools im Decision Support,UK   Sarasola, Briseida                                   
040162   Special Topics in Produktion/Logistik/SCM: Planspiel zu Produktionsmanagement,UK   Roljic, Biljana                                      
040489   Special Topics in Produktion/Logistik/SCM: Produktionsmanagement,UK   Klaus, Kathrin                                      
040199   EC GCM: Organization of the Firm,EK   Raha, Aveed                                
040208   Bachelorseminar (inkl. Bachelorarbeit) - Operations and Productions Management,SE   Gansterer, Margaretha                           
040142   Bachelorseminar (inkl. Bachelorarbeit) - International Business,SE   Yaqub, Muhammad Zafar                     

 Master courses

Course Title Lecturer Contact
040270   Management I - Organization and Personnel (MA),VO   Fabel, Oliver                             
040053   Management II - Production, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (MA),VO   Braune, Roland                                
040150/1   Masterarbeitskonversatorium,SE   Vetschera, Rudolf |Windsperger, Josef
040150/2   Masterarbeitskonversatorium,SE Vetschera, Rudolf |Windsperger, Josef
040276   Masterarbeitskonversatorium,SE   Dörner, Karl Franz |Hartl, Richard       
040035   Contracts, coordination, and incentives (MA),KU   Eigruber, Markus                         
040217   Data Analysis on Organization and Personell (MA),KU   Zhang, Yingchao                           
040182   Implementation of Optimization Techniques - Teil 1 (MA),KU   Kiefer, Alexander |Wolfinger, David   
040183   Operations Strategy and Tactical Planning (MA),KU   Gansterer, Margaretha                              
040185   Logistics and Material Management (MA),KU   Seidl, Andrea                                       
040186   Transportation Logistics (MA),KU   Alarcon Ortega, Emilio Jose                         
040221/1   Global Strategy (MA),KU   Yaqub, Muhammad Zafar                    
040221/2   Global Strategy (MA),KU Gorovaia, Nina
040609   International Negotiations (MA),KU   Vetschera, Rudolf                         
040220   Seminar Organization and Personnel (MA),SE   Fabel, Oliver                            
040388   Personnel Economics I (MA),KU   Fabel, Oliver                             
040599   Organization Theory I (MA),KU   Vetschera, Rudolf                       
040899   Production Analysis (MA),KU   Braune, Roland                                    
040893   Supply Chain Management (MA),KU   Dörner, Karl Franz |Vogl, Petra         
040894   LP Modeling I (MA),KU   Seidl, Andrea                                  
040161   Implementation of Optimization Techniques - Teil 2 (MA),KU   Kiefer, Alexander |Wolfinger, David     
040023   Smart Production and Supply Chain Management (MA),SE   Hartl, Richard                                  
040011   Special Topics in Smart Production and SCM - SAP (MA),KU   Czapla, Norbert                                
040897   LP Modeling II (MA),KU   Seidl, Andrea                                    
040032   Theory of the International Firm (MA),VO   Windsperger, Josef                       
040219/1   Governance of International Firms (MA),KU Seferagic, Haris
040219/2   Governance of International Firms (MA),KU   Seferagic, Haris                         
040227/1   Organization and Human Resources in International Firms (MA),KU   Galak, Oksana                          
040227/2   Organization and Human Resources in International Firms (MA),KU  Galak, Oksana
040921/1   International Market Entry (MA),KU   Jell-Ojobor, Maria                     
040921/2   International Market Entry (MA),KU Windsperger, Josef

 EC courses

Course Title Lecturer Contact
040039   EC BW: Quantitative betriebswirtschaftliche Methoden,VO   Novak, Andreas          
040824   EC GCM: Market Entry Strategies,VK   Galak, Oksana
040197   EC GCM: Global Human Resources,VK   Li, Xin                  

 PhD courses

Course Title Lecturer Contact
390017   PhD-Workshop: Scientific Paper Writing in Management and Economics,KU   Pawlowitsch, Christina |Windsperger, Josef
390008   PhD-M: Theory of Networks,DK   Windsperger, Josef                         
390021   Forschungsprivatissimum: Topics of Organization & Human Resources ,SE   Fabel, Oliver |Vetschera, Rudolf  
390009   PhD-L: Forschungsseminar,DK   Dörner, Karl Franz |Hartl, Richard     
390053   PhD-L: Advanced Methods in Optimization,DK   Gutjahr, Walter                                      
390027   PhD-M: Advanced Optimization,DK   Novak, Andreas