CD - Labor

The CD-laboratory for efficient intermodal transport operations will combine the long-term experience of the laboratory head, Karl F. Doerner, in developing and applying optimization techniques to logistical decision problems with the practical expertise of our industrial partners. In recent years, Karl F. Doerner's research group has focused specifically on the development of metaheuristic and matheuristics for decision problems in transport, taking into consideration real-world characteristics and realistic constraints.
The project is split into two modules. Module I - efficient resource management in intermodal transportation addresses intermodal transportation problems. The term intermodal transportation refers to the transportation of passengers or freight from an origin to a destination by at least two transportation modes, such that the transfer from one mode to the next takes place in intermodal terminals. The primary aim of this module, is to develop new optimization solution methods based on operations research techniques to support efficient resource planning and management in intermodal transportation systems.
The CD laboratory has been expanded by Module II - efficient resource management in public transportation. This module mainly focuses on tactical and operational problems of urban public transport systems, including headway optimization, disruption management, and scheduling of maintenance measures.