Three new third-party funded projects at the department: Green-TrAIn-Plan, VIBES, and Dynamic Tester Routing


These past few months Prof. Jan Fabian Ehmke was able to acquire three new third-party funded projects for the BDA department.

  • The "Green-TrAIn-Plan", funded by the FFG, which has been running since May 2022 already. The aim here is to make rail traffic more environmentally friendly through energy conservation via the use of a combination of data analysis, optimization and simulation. Partners are ÖBB, TU Vienna and dwh GmbH.
  • This October the, also FFG funded, "VIBES" project is set to start. Together with partners from ÖBB, TU Dresden and dwh GmbH, it is about achieving a more reliable operating plan in train traffic.
  • Last but not least the project "Pro-Active Routing for Emergency Testing" was approved by the FWF. Here approaches from descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics will be used to better distribute scarce testing resources using dynamic route planning. This is a joint project with the TU Vienna (Dr. Niki Popper) and the University of Magdeburg, Germany (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Marlin Ulmer).

The total funding volume is around EUR 2.1 million, of which around EUR 750 thousand are going to the BDA department.