The Organization and Personnel Group at GDN 2023


For a peek at the newest research of the Organization and Personnel Group the GDN 2023 in Tokyo would have been a good place to be.

Our doctoral students - Sainan Guo, Elmira Mohammadhosseini Fadafan and Ulkar Garajali - all three presented papers. While Dr. Ayşegül Engin did not travel her research was presented by the co-authors, among them also the newest research she is doing with Prof. Vetschera. Who also presented some material he is currently working on with this year's adjunct Professor at the department, Wilfried Laurier University's Marc Kilgour. Additionally Prof. Vetschera also took on the closing Keynote "25 Years of Research Using Web-based NSS: What have we learned and still to learn?".


Here all our group's presentations:

Michele Griessmair and Ulkar Garajali Role of Verbal Clues in the choice of Bargaining Styles
Ayşegül Engin, Rudolf Vetschera and Pascale Zaraté DSS for partner choice in sharing economies
Sainan Guo The Preference Reversal in a Group When Aggregating
Three Types of Decision-Makers Based on Regret Theory
Marc Kilgour and Rudolf Vetschera Two-person fair division with additive cardinal valuations
Elmira Mohammadhosseini Fadafan and Rudolf Vetschera Dominant Smart Contracts
Luis Alberto Franco, Ayşegül Engin and Etiënne Rouwette Tracing group conflict paths in a model-driven
support environment: A cognitive motivation perspective

Elmira Mohammadhosseini Fadafan, Ulkar Garajali, Prof. Rudolf Vetschera and Sainan Guo

Prof. D. Marc Kilgour, Sainan Guo, Prof. Rudolf Vetschera and Elmira Mohammadhosseini Fadafan

Prof. Rudolf Vetschera