Master thesis/Final oral examination information


For Prof. Fabel, Prof. Vetschera and Prof. Windsperger

  • Registration of the topic/supervision
  • Attendance of the Master conservatory (can be done while or after writing the thesis)
  • Completing the thesis
  • Confirming with your supervisor that the thesis is ready for official submission
  • Uploading the thesis for plagiarism check (this starts the official submission procedure)
  • Submission of the printed and bound version to SSC after the successful plagiarism check
    • 3 copies of the thesis (black, hard cover; printed double-sided)
    • Signed email confirmation of the upload to HOPLA
    • Completed form “Assessment of Scientific Work”
  • Assessment of the thesis (supervisor has 2 months to evaluate the work and prepare a report)
  • Prerequisite for next step: Successful completion of all compulsory and compulsory elective courses of the relevant curriculum
  • Finding an exam date for the final oral examination (please calculate at least 1 week for finding a date that fits both examiners)
  • Application for the defense and exam at SSC (deadline: 3 weeks before the planned exam date)

Find detailed information about procedures as well as all the necessary forms on the faculty homepage.
Keep in mind: Aim to finish your master thesis 3 months before the eventual final oral examination date (To finish in the winter term this means completion of the final draft in January, for the summer term in August).

(This information is subject to change. For binding information please consult the faculty homepage.)