KU Transportation Logistics (MA)

It is recommended to take this course after completing other courses of the Minor.

This course is an introduction to some optimisation problems that appear in Transportation Logistics. Along the semester, we will cover several of these problems, and study their corresponding mathematical formulations and solution methods.

Among the problems we will study: classical network problems (minimum spanning tree, shortest paths, maximum flows), warehouse location problem and its capacitated version, transportation problem, assignment problem, knapsack problem, orienteering, traveling salesman and vehicle routing problems, and maybe others.

Among the methods we will learn: combinatorial algorithms, modelling and solving network problems as linear programs, simplex, dynamic programming, and (for the harder problems), branch-and-bound. For some of the hard problems, we will also discuss construction and improvement heuristics.

This course is broad rather than deep, which means that we emphasise covering a good number of problems and methods, without spending too much time in any of them. The focus is on learning methods, and developing intuition behind why they work.

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