Planspiel zu Produktionsmanagement

Course description

In this course, the students are using a software-based business game called "The Fresh Connection”. The objective is to give the participants a real life supply chain experience within a simulated environment. Essential supply chain topics such as sales planning, operations planning, demand management, inventory management, operations management, and supplier management are elaborated throughout the semester.

About the business game

“The Fresh Connection” is a virtual producer of fruit juices. Participants are working in teams of four representing a corporate entity. Each participant takes up a role as either the head of the purchasing, sales, operations or supply chain department. Throughout the game participants are taking strategic and tactical decisions in their department. It is of utmost importance for the department heads to cooperate by aligning their local decisions such that they adhere to the chosen global business strategy. The experience creates a steep learning curve. The students learn from the decisions made as the simulation shows the impact of the decisions taken.

Language of instruction